Yakima Valley Family Clinic

About Us

Yakima Valley Family Clinic is set to give you that warmth and welcome you expect, with your holistic wellness as our number one priority. We treasure every minute of your time and we do not intend to waste it. We guarantee you the shortest possible wait time and will work around your schedule to make sure your appointment is at a suitable time for you and your busy life.

At Yakima Valley Family Clinic, we specialize in family medicine. We provide comprehensive medical care across the life span. This includes diagnosis and treatment of acute and chronic illnesses involving infants, children, teenagers, adults, and the elderly living in Yakima and surrounding communities. Some common visits include physicals examinations and check-ups, vaccinations, Flu and Strep testing, diabetic screening, minor surgical procedures, and minor emergencies. We also offer onsite laboratory services as well EKG testing. We offer medically supervised weight loss to help you achieve wellness, prevent and or manage chronic diseases. Our waiting room and examination rooms are comfortable and inviting, eliminating the stress and anxiety associated with going to the clinic.