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When you come to our family medicine clinic, our primary care physician will do everything they can to help you feel relaxed and comfortable. Our family practice's commitment to excellent care starts with reducing any stress you associate with going to a doctor's office. After you settle into our waiting room, we'll make sure you have the shortest wait time possible before you see your family doctor.

Chronic Disease Management

Rely on our experienced team to manage chronic conditions.

Wellness and Physical Exam

Complete your sports, school or work exam.

Wellness Testing

Find out about our clinic's in-house medical tests.

Women's Health and Weight Management

Take the first step to improving your health.

A Healthy Family Is a Happy Family

Support your loved ones and their wellness at our family clinic in Yakima, WA

There's nothing more important to you than your family's wellbeing. You can support their health by ensuring everyone in your family receives high-quality medical care from a family practitioner. Yakima Valley Family Clinic serves everyone from infants to seniors in Yakima, WA.

You and your loved ones can visit our family medicine clinic for:

  • Chronic disease management services, when you need to manage Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes.
  • Wellness and physical exam services, when you need comprehensive physical exams for the family.
  • Wellness testing services, when you need to get to the bottom of a medical issue with comprehensive blood work tests.
  • Women's health services, when you need services like breast exams or family planning.

We provide medical care for chronic and acute medical conditions, including minor emergencies. Call 509-367-6066 now to arrange for an appointment with a family care provider at Yakima Valley Family Clinic.

Where do you go for routine immunizations and check-ups? An experienced family care doctor in Yakima, WA!

You don't have to wait for your employer's annual flu vaccine clinic to roll around again. You can let our family practice handle routine things like flu immunizations. Schedule appointments with our family clinic to handle your vaccinations, check-ups, flu tests, strep tests and other minor procedures.

Chronic disease management | Diabetes management services | Comprehensive physical exams | Sports physical exams | Comprehensive blood work | Diabetes early detection | Weight management services | Women's health services


  • Having difficulty getting to a doctor's office
  • Far away from your Doctor
  • Having incapacitating chronic disease
  • Etc.

Stop Worrying! Just call Yakima Valley Family Clinic.

  • Home or Apartment
  • Nursing facility
  • Personal Care Home
  • Assisted Living
  • Independent Living

If it is impromptu, we handle it promptly. Get in touch with us today at (509) 367-6066.

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